What’s the solution?

Every now and then, I keep on wondering whether this is a working or drinking nation. I feel sad when I speak of this, since even my close friends have been victims, yet my brothers and sisters involved in this are yet to show willingness of stopping to drink.

Each and every day, lives are being lost as a result of people drinking irresponsibly, many children are out of school, as a result of lacking a caring parent to pay school fees, most families are broken up denying children parental love, mothers no longer enjoy marriage life, fathers too!

Potential youths, great minds are going to the grave. When will the government take stern action against illegal  brewers?




Stop and Report Child labor

When will the menace of child labor stop? Yet we keep on saying that, a child is a gift from God, his/her rights must be respected by each and every individual?

Child labor…child labor…is all over, children are being employed as house helps each and every moment, they are doing tiresome work that their ages do not allow them….so tedious is the work, and it reminds me of a boy called Mike who was 10 years old by then, when his parents passed on.

The journey of education became a dream, as there was no one to cater for his basic needs. This prompted him to stop schooling and look for ways of survival. He got employed by a certain rich man in the nearby village, as a house help. His day always started in the wee hours of the morning before the cock would crow and sleep in the late hours of the evening when each and every flying bird was dead asleep.

Mike’s employer never bothered to look at the health hazards he was exposing Mike to, he could sleep for only two hours on a daily basis. His employer never bothered to take him to hospital whenever he fell ill, this made his health deteriorate with time, he had no place to go to, and no one to turn to as he was never allowed to step out of the compound.

If you were Mike, what would you do? The day he managed to get an escape route, he ran away to the police station and reported the case. When he realized they were unwilling to follow up the case, he took off to the streets to avoid the repercussions, just in case his employer got to know of it.

Where is justice? Who is above law? It is a high time government conducted civic education to educate the masses on what child labor is, and with this, the culprits will never find an escape route from the law, not even walk Scot free when charged.

Drugs Menace

Death! Death! Death! is knocking at each day and every door in the entire world. Be it Africa, Europe and Asia at large.

Drug abuse is robbing off our parents, brothers and sisters who would have helped to drive forward the country’s economy. Still, people have not given up in smoking bhang, heroin and so on.

I have had so many friends who were drug addicts but refused to quit, and ended up losing their lives. Recently, I lost a  best friend and it is when I felt it is a high time we got rid of this menace of drug abuse. He was an intelligent boy who shone and stood high academically when we were schooling together.

He started associating with a bad company of boys who ended up ruining his life by introducing him to the world of drugs. He became an addict who could not do anything without smoking bhang.

By the time his parents realized, he was already emaciated, kept to himself and had developed other health complications. Though they rushed him to the hospital, it was already too late. A life of a brilliant person was lost who would have been lucky to be self reliant in life.

It is a high time we campaigned against use of drugs through radios, television, magazines to let the whole world know the harm these drugs are exposing us too.

‘’Avoid Drugs, they kill!’’


”His Excellency the president of Kenya, Hon. Kibaki and the Prime minister, Hon. Raila Odinga and the entire Republic of Kenya, I greet you all!

I stand here before you, feeling delighted for this great day, since we have to share all the sufferings we are going through as the citizens of Kenya.

I feel disappointed and I believe God too is disappointed. If we turn our heads and look at the environment surrounding us, the picture around us is not pleasing at all. We have destroyed the environment and it is no longer safe for both human beings and animals alike.

How can we change the situation?

Garbage being disposed off aimlessly in every part of the country should be avoided, construction of buildings on top of the sewerage systems, has proved to be unhealthy and risky towards many peoples health. How?

When flies infest the garbage that has been disposed off aimlessly, they tend to feed on the dirt and come and release those faeces on the food stuff we eat, hence leading t outbreak of diseases such as cholera, typhoid through dirty water.

When we experience heavy rains, it tends to flood and since most of  the sewerage system has been messed up, it tends to flood, making the sewage burst, it ends up mixing with the safe water that we rely on, for domestic use, hence leading to other diseases like bilharzia.

It is a high time we got rid of these diseases through preventing them, to avoid the tendency of losing lives that has proved to be very rampant in today’s society. This can be achievable by making use of the waste through recycling them, especially the plastic and nylon wastes.

Organic wastes such as the vegetable wastes can be used for adding nutrients to the soil, especially manure, and this will enable farmers at large have better yields at the end of the planting season.

Let us love and treat the environment in a responsible way!

My life

My name is Lucky Omega. I was born on 6th  May1995 in Vihiga District, Mbale location in western province in Kenya.

In my family we were supposed to be three children but the first two died before I was born. So this means that I was the last born and the lucky one. My parents died when I was five years old and  I can not tell what happened to them.

This made my grandmother take care of me. We traveled up to Nairobi to start a new life . She took me to school. She was responsible for my education in paying school fees and buying school uniform.

We lived for almost ten years together, before she died on 19th November 2008 when I was only remaining with one year to sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. (K.C.P.E) After her death that was the time I realized that she was not my biological mother.

I felt sad and withdrawn after I learnt about it,  I had to start life afresh with my aunt.


I’m glad, up to now, I’m still living with my aunt.Life is a journey that begins with one step.I hope by being a Digital Storytelling participant,I will be able to share my stories and Advocate on important  issues affecting us youths and my community at large.

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